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Summer Skin Checks

With summer now here and skin cancer incidents at record levels, remember to book in and have your yearly skin check. BOOK TODAY with one of our GP's.

Travel Immunisations

Now more than ever it is vital to be correctly vaccinated before overseas travel. BOOK an immunisation today with our qualifed nurse or call 9803 1022 for more information.

Yellow Fever Immunisation

We are now a fully accredited Yellow Fever immunisation centre. BOOK an immunisation today with our nurse or phone us on 9803 1022 for more information.


Keeping The Glen Waverley Community Healthy

Health Assessments & Care Plans for Chronic Medical Conditions 

Our nurses will support you with an annual Health Assessments for patients over 75 years, those between 45 - 49 years and people with a disability. They also undertake care plans for those with chronic medical conditions. 

Bulk Billing for Pensioners 
Health Care Card holders, DVA and Children

Bulk billing is available for all Aged Pensioners, Health Care Card Holders, Veteran’s Affairs Card Holders and Children under 16 years of age.

All other patients will have to pay a

consultation fee.

Our Doctors are
General Practitioners 

All our doctors are highly qualified with many years experience. Their philosophy aligns to the values of Kerrie Road Medical Centre and they provide high quality, comprehensive medical services to all of our patients.